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Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

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Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety can be caused by many different things in one`s life. There are several reasons to why someone is experiencing an attack, however many never really know why they are experiencing this illness. Finding the causes of anxiety attacks is actually the most important in helping you avoid future attacks. Once you know what causes it, you can avoid those situations from happening so that you can lessen or even eliminate anxiety attacks from your daily life.

One of the main known causes of anxiety attacks is when a person goes through a major life change. This is when there is a major imbalance of emotions or when the person doesn`t know how to deal or handle certain situations. Some of us can`t handle some events in our lives which causes us to break down in form of anxiety attacks. Examples of these could include a divorce, death of a loved one, marriage, having a baby, loss of a job or any other similar events that can affect one`s emotions significantly.

Another one of the causes of anxiety attacks is genetics. It has been observed that most people suffering from anxiety attacks are caused by the genes in their family. There is usually a link that someone else in the family has suffered from anxiety attacks before, which is why the sufferer experiences it. Although this can be true for some, there are also others who get anxiety attacks and have no connection at all to their family medical history. Though, it is also said that some who suffer from anxiety attacks have seen their parents go through anxiety which psychologically has affected them to having anxiety as well.

Stress is also one of the major causes of anxiety attacks. When you are worrying about something endlessly such as reports to do at work or matters to do with your personal and professional life such as money, etc., this may lead to anxiety attacks. However, when you suffer from anxiety attacks, some of the things you worry about become unnecessary and you obsess over things that don`t need to be obsessed about. To prevent stress from taking over you, try and do relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation.

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