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Causes Of Panic Attacks

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Causes of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are sudden rush of unexplainable fear and anxiety that can happen with no warning anytime, anywhere. This feeling of fear is also accompanied by several symptoms such as difficulty breathing, dizziness, having an upset stomach, and many others. Aside from all these symptoms, you may also be feeling that you are dying or going crazy when in actuality, you are not. Panic attacks are quite frightening but they are harmful and can be treated. If panic attacks aren`t treated, it can lead to a panic disorder or other medical problems.

Causes of panic attacks are actually hard to determine. If you think about it, panic is a normal feeling that everyone in life goes through, however when normal panic leads to panic attacks, there is something wrong as we aren`t supposed to be panicking irrationally. Panic is a response to danger or a threat which is why fear is present in panic attacks, and our reactions are usually to protect ourselves from this fear. The causes of panic attacks are visible in three of our body systems which are the mental system, the physical system, and the behavioral system.

One of the causes of panic attacks can be seen in the mental system. Notice when someone experiences severe panic attacks they are distracted from their daily routine and cannot concentrate on anything else but the fear that they feel. The reason why this happens is because the mental system has a fight or flight response whose responsibility is to alert us of any possible danger. So when feeling afraid, we drop all other responsibilities and concentrate on scanning our surroundings for any possible danger but when no danger is found, we simply can`t accept that which is when we search our minds and the brain invents an explanation that you are dying, going crazy or losing control.

The physical system on the other hand is where all they physical symptoms of panic come from such as dizziness, chest pains, upset stomach, nausea, etc. This happens when danger is perceived as the brain sends messages to the nervous system and the nervous system starts controlling the body`s energy levels triggering all the physical symptoms from happening. Making you believe that something is clearly wrong and you are ill.

The behavioral system has a similar effect to the fight or flight response. The response prepares the body for action where you will either attack or run so when you are experiencing an attack, the tendency is you want to escape whatever situation or place you are in. If you are not able to escape, your behavior will turn to signs of uneasiness or even aggression towards others. This is the reason why people who suffer from panic attacks, try to avoid situations or places in where they feel they might experience an attack and can`t escape.

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