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Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

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Symptoms of Panic Attacks

The thing with a panic attack is that it can happen anywhere, anytime with no warning whatsoever. Sometimes there isn`t even a reason for getting the attack, and sometimes it can even strike you when you are relaxed or asleep. There are some people who only get one panic attack and it stops there, but there are others where panic attacks keep recurring. This is usually due to a certain situation that they fear, or where a panic attack has happened before. More often then not, panic attacks make you feel that you are in danger and can`t escape whatever situation you are in. There are so many symptoms of panic attacks that can be experienced but whatever the case, there are effective treatments and coping strategies that can be used to treat this illness.

To some people, panic attacks usually occur when you are away from home, for instance while driving, while grocery shopping, during work, or even while sleeping. Basically, these attacks can happen anywhere and at anytime. Symptoms of panic attacks usually happen instantly and last the whole duration of the attack which can be from 20 to 30 minutes but never more than an hour. If you are experiencing a panic attack, you can have a combination of the following symptoms of panic attacks:
* Shortness of breath
* Sweating
* Nausea
* Heart palpitations
* Dizziness
* Chest pains
* Tingling sensations or numbness
* Trembling
* Hot or cold flashes
* Choking feeling
* Feeling unreal or not there
* Fear of dying, losing control or going crazy

Having one or two panic attacks isn`t really such a cause for concern. However, if you are often experiencing panic attacks on a regular basis, then you have probably developed a panic disorder. Symptoms of panic attacks usually last just during the duration of the attack, however if you are feeling side effects from the attacks, then it is more serious. If you are suffering from a panic disorder, you go through frequent, unexpected panic attacks that aren`t linked to a certain situation, you have great fear of experiencing another attack, and you are acting differently because of the attacks such as avoiding certain places or people. The effects of a panic attack can leave a long-lasting mark leading to emotional stress. Your self confidence and every day routine can be greatly affected.

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