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What Causes Panic Attacks

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What Causes Panic Attacks

If you are one of many who suffer from panic attacks, try to relax and remember, panic attacks won`t kill you. Panic attacks can`t hurt you physically and you are definitely not going crazy when you experience an attack. However, panic attacks are something that can lead to serious problems and are obviously an indication that something is wrong. So if you are someone suffering from such attacks, make sure to get some help immediately and treat this illness before it gets worse. Some of you may even be wondering what causes panic attacks? Well you know what, the exact causes are really unclear, but there are several that are suggested which vary from person to person.

The first considered answer to what causes panic attacks is that it runs in the family. There is a high chance that someone in your family has experienced a panic attack before which is why you are also experiencing it. In short, it is passed on through genes. Although this cause may be applicable to some, there are also others who have not had any medical history of panic attacks in their family which leads their case to other causes.

It has been observed that major life changes have also led to panic attacks from occurring. Examples of such transitions can be a death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, getting married or even having a baby. These big changes can take a huge emotional toll on you triggering the panic attacks.

The most popular answer to what causes panic attacks is stress. It is true stress is one of the causes of panic attacks. Stress can be related to your current job such as dealing with huge responsibilities or large work load, or it can even be due to some personal situations like problems at home with your family, etc. In the end of the day, stress may give you a break down, leading to panic attacks.

Other than those causes, you might be surprised but panic attack can also be triggered by medical conditions. To ensure that you aren`t suffering from other medical illnesses, go see a doctor especially if you are experiencing frequent panic attacks. These illnesses can be any of the following: mitral valve prolapse, hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, stimulant use (such as cocaine, caffeine, amphetamines), and medication withdrawal.

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